Saturday, September 05, 2009

Tomatoey - the little squirt with an identity crisis - miniature iclay art sculpture

Is she a fruit or is he a vegetable? People have been asking her this all his life and Tomatoey has serious underlying identity crisis issues. But look at that face? Does it look like she's bothered? Not one bit! He says that her identity doesn't matter, as long as he loves herself totally and completely, for everything that he is! :)

She's looking for a home where he'll be showered with loads of love. If you want her, you should promise to love yourself for who you are completely too.

Oh and you must eat lots of healthy, organic, locally grown vegetables... and fruits.


Swati said...

LOL!! Now if only these monsters lived under my bed, life would be interesting! LOLOLOLOL!!

-- One of the creepers (I like the name creeper! LOL!)

Veganosaurus said...

heheh well you my dear are one of my favorite creepers! LOL

Hey my monsters don't live under beds, they prefer bedside tables, window sills and shelves :D

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