Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Reiki Charged Gemstone Pendants

It all started with me running an errand for my mum. She wanted me to visit my gemstone/crystal guy and grab a couple of specific healing/protective crystals for my dad and sis. I always dread going to the guy... because if I do I end up blowing a LOT of cash in his store!!! Well this time I decided that I would walk in, pick up only what she asked for and walk out. And just to be safe, I'd carry only a little bit of cash. Can't possible spend what I don't have right? Ha! That's what I thought!!

Well, to cut a long story short, I came back home with a mother load of gemstone beads and cabs... hey what can a girl do if gorgeous beadies are offered to her at great prices??? Don't ask me how I managed to fish out the money for everything =oP

Anyways, here is the outcome of that shopping binge :)

I embedded the gemstone cabochons in polymer clay and created pendants. As always, I have charged each pendant with Reiki to enhance the metaphysical properties of the crystals used.

Love Knot - Rose Quartz

Moon River - Lapis Lapiz and Moonstone

Glimpse Into The Past - Labradorite

Mirror Of The Soul - Aventurine

Flecks Of Clarity - Rutilated Quartz

Queen Of The Nile - Lapis Lazuli

Friday, April 04, 2008

Oink!! We're back!! :)

After a long break oink inspiration hit me again in December. Since then, I've created a bunch of my little piggies once again. Today I figured the blog needed a long overdue update, and what better way to restart blogging than with the creations closest to my heart?

So here they are... (and most of them are available for purchase at my etsy store artbysusmitha)

This little guy knows Geeks Are Hot and is proud to be one:
Geeks Are Hot

Someone's been playing in the mud...and is pretty happy with themselves for being a Dirty Little Piggy:
Dirty Little Piggy

This fella knows the way to the heart of a Valentine:
Valentine Piggy

Angelica is always watching over you:
Angelica Piggy

Goo goo goo... a Baby and his pacifier... what a perfect life:
Baby Piggy

Oink... what an emotional little guy:

What a warm little Basket for this Piglets:
Piglets in a Basket

Arrr matey... meet Jack Piggy, Captain of the Black Sty:
Jack Piggy

Walking alone in the dark? Beware of Count Pigula!!!
(Inspired by this awesome Vampire friend of mine from Deviant Art).

So until next time... over and oink!
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