Thursday, July 23, 2009

Meet Puffington - aka Puffy

Puffy photoPuffington aka Puffy is smart, handsome and a real gentleman. If that smile doesn't bowl you over, his adorable British accent will. A perfect companion! :)

Cify - the little devil

Cify - the little devil

Cify photoCify (short for Lucifer if you haven't guessed already) is a cute little devil! As evil as he looks, he's one of the most innocent guys at Monsterville. Look at that face and you'll know! Sometimes he's naughty and then little whoopsies happen which he never intended in the first place. So the poor munchkin is totally misunderstood. All Cify needs is some love and cuddling and if you take him with you, he promises to be on his best behavior :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Moku - The Tree Hugger

Moku - The Tree Hugger photo

Moku is Mugo's twin brother. While Mugo goes around looking cute and falling in love, Moku focuses his attention on being an environmentalist. He loves trees and spends all his time hugging them (see the leaves stuck to his horns and fur?). He enjoys the feeling of being one with nature :)
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