Monday, August 31, 2009

Crawlien - the crawly alien cyclops worm iclay monster

Crawlien used to live on a little meteorite civilization. When the meteorite hit Monsterville he was the sole survivor. The other monsters were very happy to have another cyclops among them and they welcomed him with open arms. He soon found a home on his beautiful flower and lives there now.

He loves to play pranks on new comers to Monsterville and when an unsuspecting soul wanders near his flower he makes scary alien noises and scares them out of their wits. But as soon as they see his face and friendly smile they know he's a real softy and fall right in love with him :)


alankarshilpa said...

Good luck for Crawlien. Hope he finds a good buddy soon. Best wishes, Susmitha.


Veganosaurus said...

Thanks Dita :)

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