Monday, August 31, 2009

Count Swampula - miniature iclay vampire cyclops

Imagine you're wading across a deep, dank swamp with slithery creatures all around you. You suddenly sense something rising out of the water behind you and feel a wet breath and cold fangs on your neck. As you freeze on your tracks you hear an evil laughter... oh wait, did that laughter just turn into a squeaky giggle? You spin around just in time to see Swampy standing right behind you with a naughty grin on his face. You sigh with relief as you realize that today he's pretending to be Count Swampula! You both start laughing together. :)

When he's not pretending to be a scary monster, Swampy is a friendly swamp cyclops. Whether you find yourself in a swamp full of creepy crawlies or a room full of unfriendly people, Swampy is here to hold your hand and keep you smiling through it all. Just one look at his friendly face and you'll see the humor in the situation and forget about all the nasty stuff. :)

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