Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Roses are forever

Roses are forever

Click on the picture to be taken to the listing for this necklace in my store.

This necklace is a new style that I tried and it turned out to be one of my favorite pieces! Simple and elegant.

Two of my 18 mm pink ruffled roses are attached to the ends of a satin ribbon and one large 27 mm pink ruffled rose forms the focal on the ribbon. This large rose can be moved up and down along the ribbon to adjust the size of the necklace.

You just move the large rose to the bottom edge (close to the two other roses) and slip the 24 inch necklace over your head, then you move the large rose up towards your neck to adjust the fit of the necklace. And just with this simple movement you can wear this necklace in many different styles - as a choker, a long necklace or with the 2 smaller roses hanging at different levels by pulling one end of the ribbon lower than the other... My personal favorite is to pull the rose up right to the neck, comfortably cradled in the little depression above the collar bone.

The hole on the large rose is just snug enough to make its movement on the ribbon smooth and also ensure it stays exactly where you left it. The two roses in the end are tightly attached so they won't come off. First they were knotted there, then the knot was secured with jeweler's glue and finally wrapped with copper wire.

If you'd like this necklace with different colored roses, you are most welcome to convo me and I'll try to create something to your taste. Also, I am happy to make custom colored roses for your own jewelry creations and other crafts.

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