Saturday, February 11, 2006

Indroducing... my work... my little sculptures...

Though I work with wire, metal (silver, copper...), glass, wood, stone, paper and various other media, my favorite one of all is polymer clay and this is what I work with most. Even the tiniest details are hand sculpted with a lot of love and care and absolutely no moulds have been used.

All my photographs are close ups but just to give you an idea of the size, the biggest critter in the following picture, the sow, is sized slightly lesser than an inch. The dime is in the picture for size comparison. (Dimes are sized about the same as 25 paise coins).


LITTLE GARDEN - The vase of white carnations took me the longest to make.

BASKETS - Fun little things! Can fill them up with almost anything. Here you can see carrots and a cowie wearing a christmas cap and sticking it's head out.

FURNITURE SET - The cozy sofas are each about half a centimetre high.

WOBBLY OLD STOOLS - The wooden finish is a hand mixing of different colors of clay. NO PAINT! And I sculpted the tiny photo holder with pure silver wire.

BUTTERFLY WINDOW CLINGS - These are made with a combination of liquid and solid polymer clays

CHILLIN' TURTLE - Inspired by a bead that I saw once

SNOWMAN THROWING A SNOWBALL - Made it when the mood was all christmassy and snowy

Mmmmm COFFEE - These are all beads, even the coffee bean ones. Don't they look real? :D

COFFEE CAKE - Another bead set, note the texture of the 'cake'


Inspired by the AUTOMATOR on our Mac.

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Thrupthi Reddy said...

Oh my God! Sus I have seen work of yours before but you've taken it to another level. This stuff is absolutely fantastic. Damn girl..I love it and your colors, shapes and unique style just seems to have gotten better.My favorites are the little piggies... You must sell this stuff....and get more people to see this blog.
Good luck with everything and you know you always have a home in New York qwhen you visit!

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