Monday, May 31, 2010

LOVE carnelian copper clay pendant

LOVE carnelian copper clay pendantThis LOVE pendant is truly a one of a kind work of wearable art!

I started out by turning a gorgeous Carnelian Agate into the heart of this pendant and sculpted all the other components around it. The pendant has been generously embedded with copper, which matches the twisted copper wire bail and adorned with delicate sculptures and the word LOVE. Then all the intricate details have been emphasized with the help of metallic mica powders in golden and copper tones.

Length: 2 3/4 inches (6.8 centimeters)
Width: a little short of 2 1/4 inches (5.5 centimeters)

Carnelian carries the healing powers of abundant energy and creativity. It aids trust in one self and one's own perceptions. The Carnelian in this pendant has been charged with Reiki to enhance its metaphysical properties. There's an opening at the back of the pendant, right behind the stone so its energy flows freely to the wearer.


Marie S said...

These pendants are just gorgeous!!
Well done you!

Veganosaurus said...

Thank you Marie. :)

Marlene Brady said...

Beautiful design and execution!

Veganosaurus said...

Thank you. :)

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