Thursday, December 03, 2009

Rico and Diego the mustachioed brothers together again

Rico and Diego met at a movie audition. Rico (the red guy) was auditioning to play the character of a man who had just encountered his twin from whom he had been separated at a carnival when he was a little boy. Diego (the yellow fellow) was auditioning for the part of the other twin.

When Diego went up to the stage, he started to sing a song and suddenly there was a whoop and the next thing he knew, the red colored stranger, Rico, was hugging him tightly with tears in his eyes.

It just so happened that Rico and Diego were in fact twins who had been separated at a carnival when they were 8 years old. Fortunately they had a family theme song that their mother had taught them should such an occasion arise.

Through all those years of being apart, the boys never forgot the song. And it was precisely this song that Diego had just broken into when Rico recognized it!

After all these years (30 to be exact), the brothers have found each other again and they couldn't be happier. They have become absolutely inseparable, like all brothers ought to be, and spend every moment together making up for all those lost years.

They enjoy watching the ocean while sitting back to back and like finding shapes in the clouds as they lie on the rocks but the one thing most dear to their hearts is to play hide and seek so they can relive the insanely joyous moment they found one another over and over again. :)

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