Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Escape From Illusion - Necklace

Escape from Illusion Necklace

The Dragonfly symbolizes going past self-created illusions that limit our growth. Their many splendid colors cause them to be associated with color mysticism and the power of light. They remind us that we are beings of light and can harness this power of light reflection in any way we choose.

Size of focal piece:-
Length (including dangles) - 3 3/4 inches (98 mm)
Width (at widest point) - approx 2 inches (52 mm)

Necklace size:- Adjustable (the black chord can be slipped over the head and the small blue glass bead can be moved up and down the chord to adjust the length of the necklace around your neck).

Available for sale at my etsy store Art by Susmitha. Click on the picture to be directly taken to the listing and read more about this necklace.

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alankarshilpa said...

Hi Susmitha, Your work is beautiful. I have recently learned the wire work that you have with copper wire. I came to know that it is a basket weave from the old world. I feel excited to share this with you. I am a new member in Etsy. Check me out at and my blog is
I am from India too. From Calcutta. You?
With love- anindita.

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